How To Cancel Hulu—The Process Explained

Ashley Ferraro, Consumer Operations
Jan 23, 2024
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Hulu is a favorite among many TV enthusiasts, providing access to over 1,300 TV shows and 1500 movies. However, some users may decide to opt out of the service for reasons such as general dissatisfaction with the platform or financial constraints.

If you are one of these users, this comprehensive guide will teach you how to cancel Hulu via the company’s official website, your mobile device, or a third-party platform. You will also learn how to avoid unwarranted charges during the cancellation process.

Note that the information provided in this guide is current as of November 2023. Please visit the official Hulu website or contact their customer service team for updates.

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How To Cancel a Hulu Subscription on the Website

The simplest way to cancel your Hulu subscription is by visiting the official website. Below are the steps to follow:

  1. Sign into your Hulu account.
  2. Navigate to the upper right corner of the screen and click on your account picture.
  3. Select Account and scroll down to the Your Subscription section.
  4. Click Cancel next to your subscription. Hulu may prompt you to pause your subscription instead.
  5. Select Continue To Cancel to confirm your decision.
  6. Ignore additional offers and click Cancel Subscription at the bottom of the page to complete the process.

Upon completing the steps, the subscription status on your Account page will change to Your subscription will be canceled. You should also receive a confirmation email from Hulu on the email address associated with your account.  

How To Cancel Hulu Membership on iPhone and Android

While you can sign up for Hulu membership on an iPhone, you can't discontinue your subscription through the iOS Hulu app—you will have to do so via the company’s website. 

If you’re an Android user, here are the appropriate steps you must complete to end your Hulu subscription:

  1. Launch the Hulu app on your Android device.
  2. Tap the Account icon at the bottom right corner of the screen and enter your Hulu password if prompted.
  3. Tap Cancel next to Cancel Your Subscription.

After completing the above steps, your subscription should be canceled. You should know that you will still have access to Hulu’s content and features until the end of your billing cycle.

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How To Cancel a Hulu Account Registered Through a Third Party

If you have purchased your Hulu subscription from a third-party platform like iTunes or Amazon, you will have to end your membership through the same platform. The following table details the specific steps you must follow to discontinue your Hulu subscription on each platform:

Via iTunes Via Amazon
  1. Launch iTunes and select Account.

  2. Click View My Account and enter your Apple ID to log in.

  3. Scroll down to the Settings page and click Manage next to Subscriptions.

  4. Tap the Edit button next to Hulu, where you'll be redirected to a page where you can end your subscription.

  5. Follow the prompts to confirm your decision.

  1. Go to and sign in to your account.

  2. Tap on Check your Amazon Pay orders.

  3. Click the Merchant Agreements tab (it shows your recurring payments and subscription arrangements).

  4. Select Details for Hulu and click Cancel Agreement.

  5. Hit Cancel Agreement again on the dialogue box that appears.

If you have signed up for a Hulu account via Spotify, Verizon, Roku, or T-Mobile, you will need to visit the official Hulu website for specific instructions on how to end your subscription on each platform.

Canceling Hulu Via Cable Company

Bundling your Hulu subscription with your cable company subscription is a great way to save money. However, in such cases, your cable company handles the billing, so you must cancel Hulu through them. If you're streaming Hulu through your cable provider, such as Dish Network, Comcast, or Xfinity, you can do one of the following to cancel your membership:

  • Contact your cable provider's customer service team and request to cancel your Hulu subscription.
  • Visit the My Account section on the official website of your cable company and navigate to the Manage My Subscription or Services page to cancel.
  • Email your cable provider requesting a cancellation of your Hulu subscription. Make sure to include all the necessary details such as your account number, name, and contact information. 

Upon successful cancellation, Hulu will send you an email confirmation.

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Issues You May Run Into During Cancellation, and What To Do

Despite seemingly straightforward steps, subscription cancellations don’t always go smoothly. While most subscription cancellation issues are a result of a glitch and get resolved quickly, some services deliberately make the cancellation process overly complicated to keep you from canceling. 

The tactics they use may range from implementing inconspicuous confirmation buttons to guilt-tripping you into remaining subscribed. These methods may prolong the cancellation process, resulting in you getting charged another month's fee for a subscription you don’t want—and you may not even get a refund if that happens.

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How To Sign Up for Privacy

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